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Posts by Growth Ring Innovations

Iron Horse, Colorado Railroad Museum

When the Colorado Railroad Museum wanted to restore a rescued 1880’s railroad car to its former glory, they knew exactly who to turn to. The car needed new bolsters and seats created from scratch but designed to look as though they were originals. Our team fired up our Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router to create…

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Woodshop News – Peak Performance

Woodworking is in our founder Dustin Sander’s blood. While other kids were wielding swords at age 10, he was working with a scroll saw. He started his first woodworking business in high school and hasn’t looked back since. Dustin was honored to have the opportunity to chat with Jennifer Hicks of Woodshop News to share…

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Blue Island Oyster Bar Opens in Cherry Creek

When the design team behind Blue Island Oyster Bar approached us about creating a custom woodwork installation to serve as a focal point in the restaurant’s bar, we were ready to make a splash. In today’s world where designing Instagrammable spaces is vital to driving business, our team knew that the piece we created would…

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